Friday, February 25, 2011

Supplement: More Jobs ;o)

Sorry, that you had to wait so long for this next post but I was busy doing stuff for school. That sucks! Anyways here are some more professions I consider noteworthy. Some of them just came to my mind in the last days, others were mentioned in the comments of the last post - thanks for the feedback!

German English
Arbeitslos unemployed
Buchhalter accountant
Künstler artist
Programmierer programmer
Hausfrau housewife
Hausmann househusband
Mutter Mother
Löwenbändiger lion tamer
Hacker hacker
Pfarrer minister
Richter judge
Meeresbiologe marine biologist
Informations Technologie   information technology

The last one is especially for for Chris ;)
Still, if you have any requests or if you want a topic to be covered with some vocab, just post it in the comments!


  1. I use to study deutsch a long time ago. With this i'll practice again. Followed.

  2. My German is quite rusty, so I appreciate this little catch up session you've posted.


    Ich bin ein Hausmann!

    I always enjoyed the pf words the most. (: pferd!

  3. Germany is a country i would love to go to but my german isnt great.

    Germans also sound angry when speaking lol

  4. guten tag! ich wonne eine limonade!

    i took german in 11th grade but forgot it all >.<

  5. Mutter, Rammstein has taught me some German lol

  6. Ich bin ein Programmierer. Fuck yea!

  7. I'm not sure I'd ever need to use the word Löwenbändiger :D

  8. are the Germans inventing new sayings "Alter Finne!"?

  9. what's Synchronsprecher in english?

  10. this would be nice if you could show us how to pronounce it like (HA-LOW) if you get what i mean ?