Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lesson 4: Vocabulary: jobs

Since you already learned how to introduce yourself and  how to tell about your job in lesson 2, here are some professions you might use in tis context:

German English
Anwalt attorney
Apotheker chemist
Arzt doctor
Astronaut astronaut
Autor/in author/ess
Bäcker baker
Bauarbeiter construction worker
Bauer farmer
Bergarbeiter miner
Bestattungsunternehmer undertaker
Biologe biologist
Busfahrer bus driver
Chirurg surgeon
Dachdecker roofer
Elektriker electrician
Feuerwehrmann fireman
Fleischer butcher
Fliesenleger tiler
Florist/in florist
Forscher research scientist
Friseur hairdresser
Gärtner gardener
Glaser glazier
Hausmeister caretaker
Ingenieur engineer
Jäger hunter
Kellner/in waiter/waitress
Kindergärtnerin nursery-school teacher
Klempner plumber
Koch cook
Kosmetikerin beautician, cosmetician
Krankenschwester nurse
Lehrer/in teacher
Maler painter
Maurer bricklayer, brickie
Mechaniker mechanic
Modell fashion model
Physiotherapeut/in physiotherapist
Pilot pilot
Polizist/in policeman/policewoman
Sänger/in vocalist
Schäfer/in shepherd/ess
Schauspieler/in actor/actress
Schornsteinfeger chimney sweep
Sekretärin secretary
Taxifahrer cab driver
Techniker engineer
Tierarzt vet
Tischler carpenter
Trainer trainer
Verkäufer/in shop assistant
Zahnarzt dentist
Zoologe zoologist

If your profession is missing, just write it in the comments!


  1. Haha this is awesome, reminds me of my german lessons in high school! Im from holland so its an obligated class as we are neighbours ;)

  2. Nice list of vocab here im trying to teach myself german now so this is a big help thanks

  3. You have a very good blog here. I hope this will help extend my German vocab, so I can talk to my family that is still in Germany.

  4. OW lol, this is a very nice refresh of the words I needed to know, thanks !

  5. fuck yeah man! I'm gonna bust these out on german women and get my dick stepped on!!

  6. If you could post the phonetic in english i would be awesome!
    Some words i just dont know how to pronunce :/

    Still your my new german Lehrer :]

  7. Great ! why does my profession appear twice (engineer) ?

  8. sorry, i commented you with the wrong account. tranks-tranks is the right one. I know the click/view system. Delete the Daniel Torres comment and this of course xD

  9. du könntest noch so was wie Hausfrau oder Mutter aufführen. Arbeitslos wäre auch noch eine alternative

  10. Useful for my german class, this can save me from failing

  11. Wow, you can really see where the two languages have alot of similarities word wise. It seems like forgotten knowledge that Englis is actually based so much on German. Excellent post, let's just hope I don't need to read this 10 times to remember them all...LOL!

  12. Jager meant hunter all this

  13. Hey, i def signed up. I've been waiting to learn german for a long time now. Maybe you can talk more about pronunciation?

    just saying hello is a pain.

  14. I tried saying "Schornsteinfeger" Now my tongue hurts.

  15. i really tried but i couldn't find one which is common and not also an english job title

  16. I work in information technology. =)

  17. I love the cognates. Zoologe = Zoologist. Interesting.

  18. so when i go jager bombs, im really doing hunter bombs?

  19. great list "I'm old Finnish" thx.

  20. awesome list, its so hard to pronounce though!

  21. Cool :) I think student is missing :D

  22. Always wanted to learn how to speak german, this is an awesome start for me. I'm going to try an incorporate this into daily life, maybe one word a day or something

  23. you forgot unemployed - arbeitslos XD

  24. Wow. Thanks for the list of words.

  25. 1. This is an awesome resource. Kudos for putting it together.
    2. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE sounds like a vulgarity when I say it :)

  26. Very handy list and I love your banner. it makes me giggle every time for some reason.

  27. Arzt..I'll definitely remember that.

  28. thanks for the list, makes it a lot easier to understand basics.

  29. *sings* Deutschen soldaten und oficieren...